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Just got home from Israeli version of camp. I had an awesome time! In 12 days I made tons of friends and had a shitload of fun. I came expecting shit, but it was so freaking awesome.

I didn't have any hook ups, although there was this guy I had the MASSIVEest crush on, but I was good, and I don't think I showed it what so ever. I barely even had a real one on one convo with him, but thats alright.

We had a dance club type thing on the last night, and I sorta learned how to shake my ass. My new goal in life is to be able to dance well. As if that's ever going to happen, but i'll try.

We had two councelors, Noam (Israeli male, 25ish, big boned, took himself too seriously) and Lisa (Canadian female, 23, the most gorgeous person on the planet, and one of us). Lisa was totally one of us. When we sneaked out at night, she was looking at us through the window and was like way to go. Noam on the other hand would have freaked and sent us all away from camp.

The whole area was so gorgeous (except for the buildings which looked like shit and a half). The whole place was surrounded by the meditereanian [spelling?]. Second to last night of camp we snuck outta our rooms and we to sit and look at the ocean. We got these guys that worked there to get us some beer and cigarettes. It was so much fun. We stayed up till like 5 in the morning. Actually, I took a 15 minute nap on while putting my head on avi (mexico's) stomach and avi (moti) put his head on mine.

I think I gained all the stomachage I lost back, cause even though the food was shit, I was so hungry the whole time. Plus I ate like tons of bisly and other snacks.

Our group was the perfect mix of 21 people, 15 to 17 1/2. We had people from so many different places... a bunch of places in israel, avi from mexico, joanna and arianne from guatemala, nimrod- an ex kenian that now lives in israel, stephan from miami, ilana from canada, danielle from ny, me laurie and karen from NJ, gahl from california, and edan from atlanta. and somehow it all worked. I think we're gonna try to have lunch in tel-aviv today, but I'm not sure it will work... plus I'm not sure if I can get there. We'll see.

I WAS A COLOR WAR GENERAL!!!! At ramah, it was always the coolest people with the most spirit that were generals, and it was such a complement that I was one. It was like a 5 second confident boost. I lost my voice for the very first time, even though it only lasted about 15 minutes. Our team lost, but we still had an awesome time.

The singing was better then at ramah. The camp was so small (140 campers, i think) but everybody had so much spirit and we were banging on tables and jumping around 10x more then ramah. I loved it so much, cause jumping around scream singing is my fav part of camp.

There's this israeli comp. on the israeli kids channel where all these classes compete and then the one that wins gets to go somewhere overseas. It lasts all school year long, and I remember watching the show as a little kid. The second place winner got to go to the camp, and a couple of days a filming crew came and filmed us. Yesterday we all watched the segment that aired. It was pretty cool, even though it made the camp seem better t hen it was.
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