shmoodlemyster (shmoodlemyster) wrote,

another day of boredom.

its like 8:30 or something in the US. just incase you were wondering.

I woke up and my grandma made me french toast. She's been feeding me so much at meals, but i don't have any snacks, cause the stuff my grandparents have is gross. I'll stop eating so much, but i had too, she takes it personally when I reject food. Plus her cooking is so good. I've lost 5 pounds over the summer already, and I'm pretty happy with that. Hopefully I haven't ruined it.

I have this thing under my eye, on the skin. It's really painful. I think i got bitten by a bug there or something. It hurts much.

I finished she;s come undone for school today, what fun. it was actually a pretty good book. im going to do bio soon.

im on the computer at my uncle's house, which is right next door to my grandparents house, but oh so different. my aunt and uncle live in a palacew compared to what my grandparents live in. its a new house, and the architecture is amazing. it's honestly the prettiest and most house i've ever seen. even nicer then the ones in Bel Aire. It's diamond shaped, and theyve also got a beauuuuutiiiiful front yard. maybe ill take a picture so yall can see it. yesterday my aunt gave me a key and said i could come and use everything whenever i wanted, which is great. my grandparents house is boring as sin. the thing is that they are so not modern. they dont even have a microwave. they do have cell phones, but so does everyone in israel. well i guess everyone also has microwaves, but i forgive them.

i went out and finished half of my photo asignment this morning. i had to take 2 rolls of color pictures, and i finished one. i took these awesome pics of the chickens, and other pics around the farm. ill do the other roll in petah tiqvah and the camp.

i might not get to go to petah tiqvah as planned though cause my grandpa has a fever, and its prbably an infection again. he got one from his stoma a couple of weeks ago, because he doesnt keep it clean enough. the stubborn man refused to go to the hospital and got so dizzy he fell on the floor. only then did he agree to go. so i call him this morning and im like how are you etc. then he tells me he has a fever. i start yelling at him and telling him he doesnt shower enough etc. i told him to call a taxi right this minute and go to the hospital. he doesnt! the nerve. i have my grandma talk to him. he doesnt budge. i feel bad about calling my parents a) cause it 7 in the moirning and b) cause theyre on vacation in a bed and breakfast and my bro is at my cousins house. i call my aunt and uncle on my stubborn grandpa's side of the family. they call him, he still won't budge. his living mate, but not girlfriend cause they dont go out or anything, just live together, finally called an ambulance and got his stuff ready. he wanted to wait till the next morning and see how he felt. apparently he forgot what happened last time. he was hospitalized for like 5 days! if he falls he could break his hip or the like. that would be the end. but he doesnt get it. he made me cry. gosh. he doesnt understand that if he waits overnight then the bacteria multiply. and he doesnt understand that if he doesnt get better i wont get to go to the city and ill go crazy cause this place is the most boring place on earth and theres nobody my age and all my cousins are in the army so they arent home so im so bored with absolutly nothing to do at all except when my aunt and uncle take mercy in the evenings when theyre home and take me somewhere. ;lasdfl;kasjd;flkja;dlfja;lsdkfj;akjdsf;aksdjf;akjdsf. this isnt gonna turn out well. i swear.
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