shmoodlemyster (shmoodlemyster) wrote,

my week has been pretty much boring due to the lack of homely people. that's alright, i'm going away in a couple days. of course when i'm gone is when everyone comes back. what luck i have.

yesterday i went to see the fireworks. i fail to understand why everyone, myself included, finds them so amusing. bunch of booming sparkles in the air. i saw a couple people, talked to a few humans, which i haven't done in over a week. excluding my family, but they dont really count.

it was my first 4th of july as an american. how exciting. not. we went to my cousin's house in princeton and had brunch and hung out with everyone. get this though, it was indian food. how american. not that i dont LOVE indian food, it's just the wrong day to have it. 4th of july is more a hamburger and hot dog type of day.

well yea. i'm going to the gym and then pack and study. i haven't updated in a while, but thats only because theres like nobody to read this shit. maybe i'll update some more from israel. probably not since i won't have a fucking computer to update FROM. well yea. what fun.
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