shmoodlemyster (shmoodlemyster) wrote,

you keep coming back, like really bad heartburn

haven't updated in a while. boohoo.

jen turned me on to useless ID, which i now find awesomely awesome. if they have any shows while im in israel, ill try to go. there are also other good israeli bands that i've never bothered to hear about before. hapussy shel lucy and beer7 are awesome too. who knew israel had a music scene? i thought israel just had subliminal, the rapper i find so amusing. israel is such an awesome place. i wish i still lived there in some ways, but i don't know. i think i'd be a totally different person if i grew up in israel. the kids there are so not as innocent as us. i was thinking about it the other day. all the crap theyve had to deal with since they were fetuses. theyve gotta enjoy every single day they live, because tommorow, they might not be here to enjoy it. and i guess it applies to us too. who knows? you might be hit with a car tommorow. but it applies to them in so much of a greater way. can you imagine? they party a lot more then we do, but just think of how dangerous it is for them just to go to a club. am i less innocent then you USA born and breds? probably not. i had to deal with the crap till i was 9, but i guess in some ways, it was a long time ago. plus at that age, i was completely at the mercy of my parents, and i personally didn't have to worry about security. i don't think my parents did either. its kind of like a daily routin. day to day, as americans, we dont really appreciate our security. technically, people in israel are a lot more secure. theyve got security checks everywhere. if somebody wanted to, they could just walk into a mall and blow the place up. the difference is that here mostly nobody does. in israel, even with ALL the security, some of those dick wads manage to get through. im excited about going there over the summer, i have tons of plans and things to do. when i go nowadays, i feel like such a tourist. not in a way that i go do touristy things, but you'd be surprised how much changes in a couple of years. when i lived in israel, the situation wasnt as bad. i think it got worse around when i was in 5th or 6th grade. but its not just the security. the city i lived in, i used to think it was really vibrent and alive. it seems kind of dead and abandoned now. not like theres nobody there, people still keep on walking in the streets and doing daily stuff. it just looks like a city with no hope. maybe it always looked like that, i guess i never noticed because i was there everyday. i hope it didnt change for the worse again. i truely and honestly hope so. i also hope i won't be a pain in the arse when i go there, and someone will take me under their wing and be friendly. i havny talked to my friends in over a year, i dont even know what they are like anymore. i hope theyll hang out with me. and i cant wait to see my grandparents, who mean so much to me. my grandpa on my dad's side says he cries because he misses us everyday. i miss him too. and i wanna see my other grandpa's new "plumbing." having a tube with piss coming out into a bag actually sounds kind of interesting. we'll see.
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