shmoodlemyster (shmoodlemyster) wrote,

I'M GETTING GLASSES!!! woohoo!! i've only waited for this my whole entire life!!! i think its a .25, which makes me feel special, because thats one twenty eighth of my lucky number. they're super cool reading glasses. i get to bypass that whole wearing glasses for a couple weeks for my twichy eyes. they were twichy because i needed the reading glasses, and my eyes were straining. so yea. but i do feel compromised, because i dont have 20/20 vision anymore. it was one of the bigger prides of my life. it was one of my fave things about myself. eh, ill live.

i took the SAT2 hebrew on saturday, just for the hell of it. i considered taking a peak at the bio, but i wasn't sure if that was cheating or not, so i didnt. they said something in the beginning about how you're not supposed to work on other tests while in the hour for your test, but they didnt say anything about looking. i just assumed it would be wrongful to. but then again, when you assume, you make and ass outta you ("u") and me. whatever.
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