shmoodlemyster (shmoodlemyster) wrote,

I realized my entries are too long, so they won't be anymore. I'm just bored and have nothing better to do then write in an online thingy that nobody reads because nobody is home.

Israeli boys are mostly hot and I'm waiting for camp-ish to meet some. Do I smell potential action? Ilana (girl going there that I correspond with) seems really nice, and reminds me somewhat of the real Ilana. She likes the music everyone is so gaga about but she doesnt seem like a poser like that matters anymore. Everyones a freakin poser. I ser, you ser, we all ser for poser. haha. get it? its like the i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. i have to much time on my hands to think up stuff like this.

my grandma told me about the war and stuff last night. remember stalingrad from global? SHE WAS THERE. how cool, in a sad way? My grandma was a survivor from stalingrad. And she also worked in a commune. my grandma was a part of history. she was telling me about it and all of the sudden I was like woaaaah. that was when i realized and all. i tell ya'll more about it later...
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