shmoodlemyster (shmoodlemyster) wrote,

well i'm here in israel. nothing much to do. im jet lagged and tired so im prob gonna go to sleep soon, even though its only like 5 here. i watched sex and the city with subtitles yesterday. what fun.

i went to the airport and got through the flight and through customs and all, and then i go to get my luggage. i get one suitcase and wait around a gazillion years for the other one. at some point, i realize im the only person standing waiting for suitcases and theres no more coming. i got so fucking panicked. i never ever lost a suitcase, and now that i flew alone, i did. that's my luck. it should be coming tonight though. well yea.

oh and on the plane i sat next to this cute couple, in their 40s or early 50s and they were from cleveland and we knew some of the same people. AND they knew my dad. how wierd. what a small world.
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