shmoodlemyster (shmoodlemyster) wrote,

Name 3 habits u have:
1) nail biting
2) saying thats hot
3) shaking my feet

Name four scents you love:
1) new books
2) the ocean
3) fresh food
4) gas stations

Name something you'd never wear:
1) thrift store underwear

Name 3 animals you like:
1) dogs
2) piggies
3) monkeys

Name four television shows you love:
1) best week ever
2) fabulous life of...
3) brini maxwell show
4) ummm anything on food network

Name 2 bands/genres/artists most people don't know you like:
1) i dont really listen to much music
2) ditto

Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
1) water
2) diet coke
3) diet peach snapple

Name a random fact about yourself:
i can bend my fingers back really far

Name a random fact about your family:
ummm... they're israeli

Have you ever...
1)Fallen for your Best Friend? not really
2)Made out with JUST a friend? kinda, not sure
3)Been rejected or heartbroken? rejected, yes. heartborken, not yet
4)Been in love? not
5)Been in lust? always
6)Used someone? yup
7)Been used? most likely
8)Cheated on someone? nope
9)Been cheated on? not to the best of my knowledge
10)Done something you regret? yup

Who was the last person..
11)You touched? melissa
12)You talked to? my mom
13)You hugged? hmmm... ilana?
14)You instant messaged? i dunno
15)You yelled at? my mom
16)You laughed with? melissa
17)You had a crush on? ummm
18)Who broke your heart? nobody

Do you:
19)Colour your hair? once i used sun in, and then i dyed it to fix the orange, but that was it
20)Have tattoos? no, and i never will. too permenent.
21)Piercings? my ears
22)Own a web cam? nope
23)Have aol? I have AIM but not AOL
24)What should you be doing right now? nothing, cause schools over!
25)What are you listening to? my family talking upstairs
27)Chicken or fish? chicken. fish are gross.
28)Do you have a favourite animal? piggies
29)Is ice cream the best thing in the world? Nope

1. What would your dream date be? hmmm. walk on a quite beach as the sun sets.
2. Single flower or a dozen? Single
3. Silver, gold or platinum? Silver
4. Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? Restaurant
6. Silly or serious romance? silly
7. Marvin Gaye or Barry White? dont know

8. Do you consider yourself:
Romantic? sometimes
Snotty? not really
Quiet? depending on my mood
Boring? depending on my mood
Funny? again, depending on my mood

Have you ever...
Dissected something? Yes
Drank fluids? no, i drink solids
Kissed someone? Yes
Missed someone? Yes
Told someone you love them? Yes
Talked to someone you have a crush on? Yes
What CD is in your CD player right now? diorama

Q. Favourite song? hmmm... dont know
Q. What is your shoe size? 10/11 depending on the brand.
Q. What will you be when you grow up? investment banker or business lawyer
Q. What are you doing right now? cleaning the floor while jumping on a pogo stick and filling this thing out
Q. What's that smell? i dont smell anything.

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