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I went to my mom's work's "family fun day". mad fun. she works for a generic pharmacutical company, and she basically chooses what they make (shes their portfolio manager or something). most the people there were like factory people and some of the office job people like my mom. it was like craigmere type place but worse. except they had really good door-prizes. it was for people with kids, so they had raffles for like diff age groups, but i didnt win anything. they had really good cd players, a dvd player, a dvd movie set, and a bunch of gift certificates for my age group. each person was only allowed 1 raffle ticket, but i managed to get two, and i asked my dad to get me another one but he wouldnt help me cheat. everyone else had like 5 tickets, and i didnt win anything. and then they had a raffle for the adults, and it was like awesome things like dvd players and digital cameras and things like that. so my mom's name gets called and guess what she won? a 14 piece cooking set. hahahaha. we have such bad luck. its not even like 14 pots, its 7 pots and the other 7 pieces are covers. hahahahaha. i felt bad though, because i thought the factory people would need it more then like a digital camera. i would totally trade them to be nice. haha.

im going israel shopping with my mom tommorow. i need a wet-suit because im getting a scuba license! plus im gonna learn how to surf, but thats not as important. woohoo. im super excited. oh, and i also need bathing and im really dreading it. its so cliche to hate going bathing suit shopping but i do. according to my cousins, all the girls in israel are sluts and im gonna need a bikini, but there is no way in hell anybody is going to get me into one of those. and if they do, i pity their eyes. if only they made nice one pieces. i might order a really long tankini from victorias secret. theyre all like push up bras though, which is kinda weird. i like this one any thoughts? well w/e. who cares about the bathing suit, i care about the fucking beach. im so excited. sooo excited. sooooooooo excited.

i called my friend today, and she doesnt hate me or think im wierd because she hasnt talked to me in a year and im really excited. it was like the last time i saw her was yesterday or soemthing. G-d, i love that country so much. its the kind of patriotism i dont think i could ever feel for the US. its like a connection. my speaking hebrew is crummy when i speak to my parents or someone on the phone. but its like the instant i get on the plane i can speak it again. i cant wait to hear and use the new slang and stuff like that. i cant wait to CURSE in hebrew!!! i never get to do that over here. ahhh, im so excited. omigosh. ahhh. lsdkfaldkfj;adkfj. i can't wait to go clubbing and things like that. i cant wait to buy REAL falafel. i can't wait to eat REAL hummus. i cant wait to call hummus chummus with an israeli accent. i cant wait to see my grandparents and my friends. i cant wait to shop in the greatest mall on earth. i cant wait to go to the beach and have it be so much fun and so much not like a crummy jersey shore beach. i cant wait till real ice-cream and really good veggies. the thought of those tomatos is making me hungry. cottage cheese!!!!!! i cant eat the american crap, ewwwwwwe. i cant wait to walk in the street and hear people talking in hebrew. i want to walk into a mcdonalds and not be able to order a cheeseburger, even though i wouldnt anyways, because those are gross. i cant wait to collect eggs on the farm and try out the new horses. i cant wait till july 19! i cant wait to watch movies throughout the whole plane ride, even though its at night, because i cant fall asleep on planes. i cant wait to hug my uncle and aunt and cousins when i get to the airport. i wanna go to the customs line for people with israeli passports, and feel all special. i wanna wait an hour for my luggage to get there. i wanna be on the screen that shows the arrivals as they walk onto the outside. gosh. i seriously cant wait.
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